Jayson Mccauley

Partner Family Law
Accredited Specialist


Having experience in family law for over 22 years in multiple jurisdictions and having been recognized as an Accredited Specialist in Family Law by the Law Society of New South Wales, it’s not surprising that Jayson has ranked in “Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Market”.

Jayson was admitted to practice in 1998, practicing with one of South Africa’s foremost specialist family law firms. Jayson immigrated to Australia in 2002, and was a partner and founding director of two specialist family law firms in Australia before joining Barkus Doolan Winning as a partner in 2012.

Jayson specializes in all areas of family law, particularly financial matters (including the division of matrimonial assets and dealing with spouse maintenance and child support issues) and parenting matters (including parental responsibility [‘custody’], time with children, international [and interstate] relocation, and related AVO and substance abuse issues).

Jayson has a passion for complex financial disputes (including matters with comprehensive corporate and/or Trust structures, and international and/or technological components) and complex parenting disputes.

Jayson understands that family law matters are highly personal and stressful for clients, and is always willing to provide clients with resilient support and a sympathetic ear.

Jayson also prides himself in being able to ‘think outside the box’ to assist clients to achieve the best possible outcome, whether through litigation or effective alternate dispute resolution – with a definitive focus regardless on trying to effectively and efficiently resolve disputes.




“Australian Rising Star” Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Market, 2015


Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Laws

Accredited Specialist – Family Law (NSW)

Admitted to practice in the NSW Supreme Court

Admitted to practice in the High Court of Australia

Admitted to practice in the High Court of South Africa


The Law Society of New South Wales

The Law Council of Australia – Family Law Section


  1. Contributing author “Spare the Rod and hit the pocket: towards a jurisprudence on domestic abuse as a quantum factor in financial outcomes on relationship breakdown”
  2. Contributing author “A Practitioner’s Guide to Family Law”